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Philipp is an architect - he creates spaces that aim to embody the essence - transforming visions into built reality - embracing the given task in terms of form, materiality, complexity and spatial experience. 

The built space originates from a dialog between the architect, the client, the space - starting with a conceptual approach in multiple variations, defining the most suitable sketch through a evolutionary process.

"Simplicity is the ulitmate sophistication - strengthening the essence without being banal, seeing space as more than its solid elements, materiality, tactile experience, the importance of the detail as continuation of the overall concept." 

Combining an international background in design for more than 10 years with a solid knowledge and expertise in construction and the building process, Philipp and his team deliver the full spectrum of architectural services - always working with a perfectionist mindset.

The goal is to give shape what emerges from the dialog bweteen architect and client, creating something of value which is more than the mere sum of its parts.


The Colorado House, Crawford, USA


Mad Mad Bodega - Concept Diagram

Idea, approach, visualizing the design process, creating strong appealing concepts, testing them in 3D....


Construction, craft work, manual, precise, real, hands-on, .....

The Colorado House - Construction Site


Haus B

work method - intro

project archive // list of all projects, both architectural and visual work

project archive
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