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Tranformation of an existing shed into a house for a family of five -

a timber house opening up towards the garden while shielding off neighbors views. 


Haus B

Private House, 2019

Design Proposal, settled

Due to the local building code, no further extension of building footprint was alowed on site - therefor the sollution was the transforamtion of an already existing shed into a two storey timber house.

Privacy was a clients demand so the house shields itself off towards neighboring views and opens up towards the garden through a double height space with a glass wall and large sliding door. 

The fire place marks the center of the house - a feature the family already has in their apartment now and became a cruicial element and center point in their live as a family.  


1  Entrance

2  Living

3  Dinner

4  Fireplace

5  Chillout / Play

6  Bath

7  Technical

8  Work / Library

9  Kitchen

10  Terrace

11  Existing

12  Bedroom 1

13  Bedroom 2

14  Child 1

15  Child 2

16  Child 3

17  Bath

18  Archive

19  Net

20  Void

Area plan

The house is not visible from the street and shields off the neighbors view to the garden to maximise privacy.

Upper Floor


Upper level, view towards the bedroom and stairs. 

The roof windows allow visual connections to the sky and lit the hallway with daylight.

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