Mad Mad Bodega

Interior design for the Mad Mad Bodega in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We transformed an old oriental restaurant into a light flooded open space by removing as much as we could and opening the windows towards the street to let daylight in.

An outstanding quality of the existing space is the depth of it, the possibility to see from the street almost all the way into the kitchen. With our design proposal we emphasize this quality and locate the main circulation corridor along that line. This line is crossed perpendicular by secondary lines that define the circulation towards the adjacent rooms and spaces.

Taking this grid as room dividing tool, with this simple measure we organized the space with its different functions and created in general two different spatial qualities – an introverted space and an open space.

The introverted areas are created through a system of frames that enclose this space, defined by this wooden structure a more intimate, enclosed and private quality is made, whereas the open areas stimulate interaction.

The kitchen is visible for the guests through a glass wall that also functions as a drawing board to interact between the chefs and guests. Next to it we placed the club room which was designed for workshops and cooking classes as the owners mission is to educate the guests about sustainable eating and cooking, to create awareness about the relationship of our eating habits and the impact to our environment.

The restaurant opened in August 2015 after a 2 month construction phase and is located in Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen.


MMMB plan render 2




Dovydas Zintikas DSC_9887 (HT-PC's conflicted copy 2015-07-10) (Large)

Dovydas Zintikas DSC_9759 (HT-PC's conflicted copy 2015-07-10) (Large) Dovydas Zintikas DSC_0144 (HT-PC's conflicted copy 2015-07-10) (Large)
Barbora Kralovicova DSC_0369 (HT-PC's conflicted copy 2015-07-10) (Large)
Barbora Kralovicova DSC_0305 (HT-PC's conflicted copy 2015-07-10) (Large) Barbora Kralovicova DSC_0241 (HT-PC's conflicted copy 2015-07-10) (Large)

Photos from the opening by Dovydas Zintikas


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