KCCS // Knowledge City Center, Shanghai

Architectural Design Workshop at Tongji University Shanghai, in cooperation with Columbia University New York, Summer 2011


>>How to create a space that is SYMBOLIC enough to represent a knowledge city centre, ATTRACTIVE enough to attract visitors, OPEN to both the public and the content producers? A space that STIMULATES COMMUNICATION, KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE, LEARNING and RECREATION?<<

The IDEA is to create an platform to connect the dynamic and creative KNOWLEDGE scene in shanghai with the PUBLIC. a platform for LEARNING, WORKING, EXCHANGE, RECREATION and ENTERNAINMENT. the VISION is to create a FLOATING SPACE with no boundaries to maximise the INTERACTION between the different functions.
boundaries like INSIDE/OUTSIDE, boundaries between different functions shall be newly interpreted or vanish completely.
The five main parts of the complex will be the SCIENCE CENTRE, the MEDIA LIBRARY, the CONFERENCE CENTER and the RECREATIONAL SPACES and the EXPERIENCE CENTER.
The science centre is defines the core function of the building, a space to transport knowledge in an entertaining way for visitors off all age. knowledge will be much better memorized if it is connected to personal experience. the media library marks the KNOWLEDGE RECOURSE, accessable for everyone. the main part of the informations will be accessable as MULTIMEDIA data, visible through a PORTABLE DEVICE. the conference centre shall allow people to MEET and EXCHANGE their knowledge directly to a BROAD PUBLIC. the recreational space invites the public to
RELAX in an CONTEMPLATING ENVIRONMENT. it can be used by the many creatice working people around as a place to meet druing brakes or to work outside the office. EXTERIOR STAGES and AUDITORIUMS will be provided to allow diverse activities outdoors, as well as restaurants, cafes and shops for the nessecities of daily live.
The creative knowledge city around the tongji area is laking a CENTRE POINT, a LANDMARK that
creates an IDENTITY. a CONNECTION between KNOWLEDGE and PUBLIC is needed. we choose
this site next to the campus because it has HIGH POTENTIAL and a increase of urban quality of
this area is urgently needed, a landmark that defines the CENTRE of the KNWOLEDGE CITY.


All images, drawings and text © PHILIPPOHNESORGE 2011

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