Heerup Museum

Exhibition design for the Heerup Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark.


How to combine a highly adaptable and efficient exhibition design, adjustable to different scenarios and requirements with a simple furniture unit that is movable by one person and can be produced fast and low cost?

We designed a lightweight wall unit that, when stacked on top of each other, make a full height wall or can function as half height room dividers and sculpture podest.  The units can interlock and create an endless meandering wall moving through the space, creating different spatial atmospheres

heerup diag_01

The 1 x 1 meter wall unit is light weight and allows different sizes of artwork to be mounted on them.  The top platform can also function as podest for sculptures or the like.

The units are made from different kinds of wood, all stained in white color. This represents the style of Henry Heerup, using scrap wood, combining it to create something new. In order to make the wall units step back behind the art, we chose a white color.

The flexibility of the units allows different spatial setups, it can be adjusted to the changing requirements of the museum. Since they are light and small enough for one person to handle, those spatial modifications can be done quick, its modularity allows playing with the space of the museum, possibly changing the visitor’s experience for every exhibition.


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