DGD: Performance Re-Imagined



Exhibited at Beijing Design Week 2012


PERFORMANCE RE-IMAGINED: Is a series of investigations questioning what
constitutes performance of the modern age.  Who is the performer, and what is
performed? Who is voyeur what is their role in performance?  Can a singular volume
adapt to alternate performances?  These inquiries challenge the architectural paradigm
of performance space.


Parametric utilities allow for the rapid modification of architectural language, thus
allowing Designers to test geometrically diverse situations and cyclically design both
‘per-form’ and ‘per-formance’.  Differentiated geometries can evoke a multitude of
sensations, paired with distinct color variants while minimizing design variables,
created exponential varieties of environments tested.  Here are three.


PANTHEON: No photos please.
LOVE SLUT: Look, but don’t touch.
52 KEYS: Play it, or weigh it.


Daniel Gillen – dgd DGILLENdesign


visual effects by Philipp Ohnesorge






All images © PHILIPPOHNESORGE 2012

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