Beijing Car Salon

Interior design proposal for a car showroom. Invited competition, 1st prize. Expected completion: mid 2016.

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Approach / Design Goals

Modern sport cars represent elegance, dynamism, modernity and high-end manufacturing.

As well as the detailing in a high end car is essential, it is also our intention with this design to archive similar levels of elegance and perfection.
The design shall enhance the appearance of the car, optimize the experience for the visitor and leave a lasting impression.
It shall not compete with the car or make itself too important, it should gently step back and support the appearance of the exhibited cars.

Open House
The building is designed as an open house, a place that welcomes visitors to experience something unique and special, high end luxurious cars that represent the highest level of craftsmanship and technical knowledge.
The modern sports car is designed to combine elegance with dynamism, something we took as our agenda for the Beijing Car Salon design.

Dynamic Lines
The dynamic and floating lines that appear while aerodynamic tests make something visible that is usually never seen, the movement of air around the shape of the car.
This inspired us to the idea of using the abstraction of these lines as guidelines of movement for the visitors around the object, the exhibited sports car.
These lines float through the space and around the cars to emphasize the cars as the central element of the space.

While moving around the cars, the light lines reflect on the surface of the cars and enhance the visibility of the cars shapes and curves.

Intimate and Grand Spaces
To create a certain tension between the placement of the cars, we put them in different places. The double height space acts a grand space where the cars take a center stage. The space under the mezzanine provides and tighter cluster of lighting effects and a greater connection with the cars.



beijing car salon plans (Medium)


BJ CAR SALOON_SECTION AA 2 (Medium)Design Language / Branding

The vision for the design is the implementation of the elegance and perfection of modern sports cars into architecture. The space will hosts the high end of available sports cars, so the architecture should play in the same league.

The materials and colors are chosen to enhance the impression of the cars to the visitor and potential buyer. The architecture shall be simple but present to create a space that leaves an impression on the visitor.
Also the secondary spaces such as the boarding room, cafeteria etc are following the credo of elegant simplicity. Timeless elegance should speak to all kinds of visitors and make them feel welcome and encourage them to freely walk around and experience the cars in each owns personal way.






Movement / Flow

We understand the presentation of cars as showcasing objects to touch, to experience, to “own”, for a short moment or for a lifetime.
These objects shall be placed in relation to each other instead of showing them as single, “out of reach” objects. They are connected and integrated by dynamic lines that flow through and around the spaces, representing the flow of air around a car as well as the flow of people around the objects within a space.
Each car has its own stage, the rotating platform will keep them in constant movement while the light lines create always changing reflections on them.
When not circulating around the cars, the light lines continue guiding the visitor throughout the space, to the upper floor into the banquet area and further more into the board room.


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car salon section zoom in


See the publication on ISSUU






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